Winter Real Estate Market

Cool Reasons Why It’s the Perfect Season to Buy:

  • Motivated to Move
    When home sellers list their place in the winter, it usually means their life has experienced a change in plans and now is the time for them to move on. Maybe they just accepted a new job offer in a different city or they already moved out to a new town and the house has sat on the market since summer. That means you’re in the right place at the right time!
  • Determine the Deal Breakers
    Fewer buyers in the market may afford you a better price on a house, but don’t overlook those deal breakers you set at the beginning of this home buying adventure. Don’t budge if the house has a higher property tax than you want, or a shoddy roof and old plumbing and what about mold? Sellers may be willing to bargain, giving you more incentive, but you need to be prepared to walk away.
  • Knock Out the Competition
    Less is more in the winter house-hunting season! Local real estate comes down to supply and demand. Facing fewer buyers in the winter months than in the traditional selling season from March through August, means the seller may be eager to compromise on price or closing. Winter can be prime time when it comes to finding a good deal with less competition.
  • Property Perspective
    The cold outside may give you more perspective inside. The harsh winter weather can take its toll on a home. The cold and wind test a home’s insulation, while moisture can lead to more serious problems like ice dams. Take time as you tour the home and take notes of any chill, moisture or drafts in the rooms. Consider how the home’s current condition would impact your quality of living now and just how much of a chunk it will take out of your wallet later-remember these issues as you negotiate the final price of the home.

Winter Real Estate Do’s and Don’t

Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make When Buying in the Winter

  1. Landing yourself in holiday debt
  2. Failing to use your imagination
  3. Ignoring possible closing date delays
  4. Lacking flexibility
  5. Assuming you’ll automatically score a sweet deal
  6. Low-balling your offer

Why Selling a House in the Winter May Be the Best Decision Ever

  1. Low inventory = less competition
  2. You get to show your home’s winter-readiness
  3. New parents may be looking to upgrade
  4. Winter brings out the serious buyers
  5. Year-end financial bonuses and payouts
  6. Corporate relocation

How to prepare your home for winter from Homes by Haris.

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