Questions to Ask During a Home Inspection

Questions to Ask During a Home Inspection

You’ve made it to the home inspection! If you are able to be present during the inspection, you may want to ask the inspector questions to help ease concerns, learn more about the home, and ultimately, help you reach an educated conclusion about the overall state of the property.

Here are a few questions you may want to ask during your home inspection so you can better understand the ins and outs of the results.

What Does This Mean?

Do not be afraid to ask questions about various terms and home-related jargon mentioned throughout the inspection. Ask for an explanation about any issue that is raised so you understand what it means and why it matters.

Is This Minor or Major?

If any issue is raised, ask if it is considered minor or major. Keep in mind that inspectors often bring up even the tiniest details to ensure all the bases are covered, so be sure you understand the difference between a loose nail and a leaky faucet.

How Much Do You Estimate This Will Cost?

If the inspector finds a potential repair (like a roof on its last leg or gutters that have seen better days), you can ask for an estimated cost. This may help you prepare for any expected renovations or repairs after you purchase the home.

What is the Condition of the Roof and Foundation?

It’s typically a good idea to understand the health of both the roof and foundation. Both protect the integrity of the home and protect it from the elements. If you fail to maintain your roof or foundation, you could be looking at larger issues down the road.

Do I Need to Consult an Expert About This Issue?

Sometimes, an additional inspection is encouraged after the standard inspection to further look into a specific issue or area within the home. Ask your inspector if he recommends an expert for any issues raised.

What are Your Biggest Concerns?

Inspectors can help prioritize issues so you know what might be worth bringing up to the seller. It’s important to stay focused on the major areas rather than focusing on small details that are easy and/or inexpensive repairs.

I’m Always Here to Answer Your Questions!

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