What’s Your Home Really Worth?

Are you looking to sell your home? Here are some quick tips to consider:

The value of your home is NOT

  • How much money or equity you have in it?
  • What you need out of it?
  • What did it appraise for?
  • What you heard your neighbor’s sold for?
  • How much it insures for?
  • Based on memories and treasures.

The True Value of your Home is what a buyer is Willing to Pay

  • Based on location.
  • Based on today’s market.
  • Based on today’s competition.
  • Based on today’s economic conditions.
  • Based on normal marketing time.
  • Based on today’s financing.

Home Selling

Properties that Sell in Today’s Market On Scale 1 to 10
The “10’s” Are The Ones That Are Selling.

How Can Your Property Become a 10?  

  • By improving your conditions dramatically.
  • By offering great terms.
  • By improving the way the home shows.
  • By adjusting the price.

Comparative Market Analysis

Recent market data is part of the CMA that can help you estimate your home's value. While the CMA is based on the data from recent, similar home sales of the past two, three or six months. With the comparable data we need the local knowledge, expired listings, homes under contract and current homes on the market. We research and compare lot sizes, number of the bedrooms and baths, condition of the home, neighborhood, etc. 

Once you sell your home an appraiser will be required. Your home has to appraise for the selling price, or the buyer will need to come with extra money to avoid the renegotiation. Studies have shown that overpriced homes at the very beginnig can be sold for less of the real market value because of the longevity on the market with the price adjustments.

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