Ways To Raise Your Home Value

Real Estate professionals, social media and surveys all agree on these improvements. 

Real Estate Tips - Homes by Haris

Tidy up the kitchen

The kitchen is a top priority for a potential new buyer. When a real estate agent/broker shows a home, the buyer will stop longer and take a second look at the kitchen once they see the rest of the home. It is safe to say that your kitchen sells the home more than any other room. 

Cleaning it up, making small repairs like a fresh coat of paint, matched appliances, new curtains, light fixtures, fixing the cabinets, replacing the hardware on the cabinets, clean counter tops, all can be a great return on your investment.  A fresh look of the kitchen can be done with a few hundred dollars and go as high as thousands.  The goal is fully functional not outdated.  The kitchen is a necessary room to have in top shape prior to selling. 

In my estimate, you will need to spend between $2,500 & $6,000 to command top asking price for your home.

When thinking about the range of investment you will make, be mindful that there are inexpensive items such as refrigerator, dishwasher and cooking range that can have high impact.

You may opt to go with the top of the line refrigerator, dishwasher or cooking range to have the kitchen reflect the epitome of modern & chic.

This all equals ready to sell !!   

  • Clean up, Clear Out, Declutter 
  • Refresh the bath 
  • Fresh Paint
  • Enhance the exterior