Mount Prospect Short Sale Resource

After a few successful short sales, I decided to go a step further and get certified, to be a better resource for my clients. 

Short Sale Chicago North ShoreThere are no equal samples to give. All of them are different: different banks, different type of home, different hardship and the list goes on. 

I personally had a short sale listing that needed more patience than usual and usually you need to be very patient. The buyer may not be patient. For some reason the bank my ask for this and that. In this instance the list goes on.  The 5th buyer may buy one property after 3 years on the market, when the previous 4 hopeful buyers were unsuccessful for a number of different reasons. In other situations, a buyer may have a quick closing as it would be a regular home sale. 

I had clients in the past few months that short sold their home three years ago and already bought a new home. I'm not an attorney, nor a CPA but we all know about the many benefits of short sale vs. foreclosure. Once we sell your home, you bounce back much quicker. 

Time flies! Waiting will not help. 

Thinking to short sale in Mount Prospect or surraunding areas?  I made a category for this topic on my real estate blog that may help you decide.

Buying A Home After A Short Sale Or Foreclosure

If you are thinking of buying or selling a home or may have short sale needs feel free to contact me.

Mount Prospect Short Sale Resource

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