Homes On Large Lots In Glenview, IL

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Glenview, IL Real Estate Market Trends By Lot Size
Oversized Glenview Lots

Homes on a .25 - .49 Acre in Glenview are on the market from $299,000 to $2,675,000. Curently there are 68 homes available with an average listing price of $939,741. In the past 12 months there were 172 homes sold with an average price of $684,779. The highest sale was $2,200,000.

Homes in Glenview from .25 - .49 acres

Available homes in Glen Oak Acres, Glenview Estates, Oak Hill, Glenview Highlands, Swainwood and Indian Ridge


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Homes on a .50 - .99 Acre in Glenview are going from $449,913 to $2,795,000. There are 20 homes for sale on .50 - .99 Acre in Glenview with an average price of $1,245,986.  24 homes were sold in past 12 months with an average sale price of $1,078,667. 5 properites are under contract.

54 homes are on the market today. 3 are available in Golf Acres.

Homes in Glenview from .50-.99 Acres in Glenview.

Currently there is only 1 available home above 1 Acre listed for $2,275,000. In the past 12 months there were 6 homes sold on an acre or above with $1,407,000 average sales price.


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