Chicago North Shore Real Estate Trivia 2014

Real Estate Numbers in Chicago North Shore

The numbers below are generated from the MLS data and are showing year to date resutls in Chicago North Shore. Here are the top 3 towns by highest sold home, average sale price, and number of transactions. Single family homes, condos & townhomes were used for the average price.

Top 3 towns with highest sold homes in Chicago North Shore

  1. Glencoe: $7,000,000
  2. Kenilworth: $6,200,000
  3. Lake Forest & Winnetka: $6,100,000

Top 3 towns with highest average sale price in Chicago North Shore

  1. Kenilworth: $1,440,275
  2. Winnetka: $1,336,826
  3. Glencoe: $1,201,658

Top 3 towns with the most real estate transaction in Chicago North Shore

  1. Evanston: 917
  2. Glenview: 770
  3. Skokie: 720

RE/MAX Chicago North Shore Real Estate

Deerfield: Highest: $1,550,000; Average: $462,902; Transactions: 309
Homes for sale in Deerfield

Evanston: Highest: $2,550,000; Average: $378,123; Transactions: 917
Homes for sale in Evanston

Glencoe: Highest: $7,000,000; Average: $1,201,658; Transactions: 127
Homes for sale in Glencoe

Glenview / Golf: Highest: $2,204,500; Average Sold: $488,411; Transactions: 770
Homes for sale in Glenview

Highland Park: Highest: $3,200,000; Average: $579,915; Transactions: 459
Homes for sale in Highland Park

Highwood: Highest: $925,000; Average: $337,241; Transactions: 48
Homes for sale in Highwood

Kenilworth: Highest: $6,200,000; Average: $1,440,275; Transactions: 40
Homes for sale in Kenilworth

Lake Bluff: Highest: $1,972,880; Average: $527,320; Transactions: 160
Homes for sale in Lake Bluff

Lake Forest: Highest: $6,100,000; Average: $934,286; Transactions: 323
Homes for sale in Lake Forest

Lincolnshire: Highest: $1,600,000; Average: $489,577; Transactions: 120
Homes for sale in Linconshire

Lincolnwood: Highest: $830,000; Average: $353,429; Transactions: 154
Homes for sale in Lincolnwood

Morton Grove: Highest: $625,000; Average: $245,258; Transactions: 343
Homes for sale in Morton Grove

Northbrook: Highest: $1,975,000; Average: $473,214; Transactions: 633
Homes for sale in Northbrook

Northfield: Highest: $1,527,000; Average: $558,041; Transactions: 125
Homes for sale in Northfield

Skokie: Highest: $1,360,000; Average: $248,914; Transactions: 724
Homes for sale in Skokie

Wilmette: Highest: $4,800,000; Average: $756,731; Transactions: 441
Homes for sale in Wilmette

Winnetka: Highest: $6,100,000; Average: $1,336,826; Transactions: 232
Homes for sale in Winnetka

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