Buying Or Short Selling In Chicago And Suburbs?

Are you waiting or thinking to send an offer on a short sale in Chicago, Chicago suburbs or Chicago North Shore?

Are you considering to short sale your home in Chicago-land ?

Chicago Short Sale Realtor ExpertThe most important thing with a short sale in Chicago is patience, and all the parties involved to be on top.

Ask the questions; many things can go wrong.

  • how many loans are on the short sale ?
  • is the short sale approved or preapproved ?
  • what is your experience with your last short sale transaction ?
  • are there any incentives ?
  • what is the time frame for a successful outcome ?
  • what can go wrong ?

One of my biggest disappointments with a short sale in Chicagoland, was when a seasoned agent was way too confident. We all know about over promising and under delivering .... His statement was, "you do as I say and everything will be fine" At the end we gave a full offer and he was so wrong, everything went wrong.

In one instance the investors did not accept a generous $300,000 offer and after a few unsuccessful negotiations, they settled for less then $200,000 a year later.

If you are considering going the short sale route, do not wait too long. If you have been contacted by an agent about a pre approved short sale the whole process may be much smoother.  

Buying a short sale in Chicago or suburbs? Be patient and ready to move on.

Considering to short sale your home in Chicago or suburbs? Don't wait, call, text, email me, or connect with me in the social media.

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